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Fortiter is a unique blend of trade experience and ambition that push towards independence for our community. The result is the creation of a truly revolutionary solution. Our limited NFT collection is an extraordinary opportunity to be a part of an exclusive club membership.

General mechanics

Each NFT will be part of a pool that will be rewarded based on daily market changes with BUSD Token to the NFT participant’s wallet address. Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem where NFT brings extra value for their owners.

After the completion of the mint, membership will be complete, and both smart contracts will be recorded. The membership goes as follows:

Why Fortiter?

Most individuals do not have the wealth, time, or temperament to make money and/or to sustain the losses that day trading can bring. Our team has multiple levels of experience and distinctive skills to create long term sustainability of the Fortiter economy.

The Fortiter ecosystem will comprise multiple economic components that are represented by digital tokens. A fungible governance token will reward the Fortiter community for their contribution.

5000 NFT Limit
Air drop

NFT-Club membership

nft placeholder
5000 BUSD
nft placeholder
2500 BUSD
nft placeholder
1500 BUSD
nft placeholder
500 BUSD


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Road map

Phase 1
Quartal 2 2023 - NFT Launch. Mint
Phase 2
Quartal 2 2023 - NFT Reward release
Phase 3
Quartal 3 2023 - CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings
Phase 4
Quartal 4 2023 – NFT Club members School registration open
Phase 5
Quartal 1 2023 - Roadmap 2.0 release


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